Dear customers,
dear visitors,

welcome to my brand new website!

I guess some visitors will certainly miss my old page, which was already listed on best places on several voting sites (e.g. at NewWebPick with pole position since Nov. 2005). But due to the fact that it was really obsolete and no more contemporary, I've decided to relaunch it using my own software and server products that will let me update the whole site easily with actual information about my work using the integrated Content Management System (CMS).

But please respect that I can't disclaim completely on actual technologies to be able to show you my whole business activities so I assume that you've installed at minimum two of the most applicable plugins – Adobe Flash and Apple Quicktime – and additionally the Adobe Reader in current versions. If not you're invited to use the three buttons at the end of this page to update your plugins for free.

I wish you much fun and interests on my page and I love to get a feedback from you or any kind of contact. Hope you'll love this site as much as the old one!

Thank you,
Alexander Dort

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