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This enables us to address you personally and GDPR-compliant on our website and to present our website to you with content tailored to you personally, provided you allow us to do so.

To do this, please enter the first three letters of your surname here and then click on the Yes button to confirm that we may receive you personally on our website and deliver personalized content and offers to you. Or click No to reject personalization. If you click No, we will redirect you to the non-personalized version of our website.

3D personalisation

Let's talk about personalized 3D content

Dear visitor,

as you can see from the simple 3D model above, we have optimized our system so that 3D content can also be personalized and individualized in real time and in photorealistic quality.

To do this, we use state-of-the-art frameworks that now work responsively on all the latest generation of end devices, enable short loading times despite realistic real-time rendering and open up possibilities for our customers that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

For example, it is possible to personalize and individualize clothing, packaging, printed products, jewelry, consumer goods, complete automobiles and much more, e.g. according to the visitor's preferences and favourite colors, provided these are already known, and present them realistically and interactively in 3D.

Interfaces to shop systems / CRM / ERP / programmatic print

If the visitor has consented to the use of their personal data on the website, which our system naturally also records anonymously for reasons of documentation requirements and thus makes it verifiable, our system is designed in such a way that all data can also be used for other purposes such as form data or interfaces to programmatic print at the request of the visitor. This also enables us to create fully 3D-based print product generators and personalizers and transfer them to connected shopping, CRM and ERP systems via API data transfer or process them further for programmatic print solutions.

The limits of our system are therefore only defined by the creativity of our customers and users. We are of course happy to provide advice and support.

We give hyper-personalization a completely new dimension with our pslzme framework!


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