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Various Customers





A production service for highly detailed and functional architectural models based on blueprints, blueprints or existing 3D data.

For real estate companies, we produce highly detailed and hand-reworked real estate models (here on a scale of 1:77) with the help of our 3D printers.

Based on supplied 2D blueprints or construction plans, we create all necessary 3D data by means of CAD systems for best printing results.

The individual parts are then printed in different materials and colors (PLA in this case).

After completion of the printing process (in this case after approx. 7 days for all parts), all individual parts are reworked and painted by hand.

Finally, all parts have to be assembled and partly glued  and the diorama including terrain construction and planting has to be laid out by hand.

For protection and highest presentation quality the complete diorama is then mounted under an acrylic glass cover.

The business model here is to give real estate companies and prefabricated home builders a market advantage by giving these accurate models to their clients after the design phase is complete, so they have something to show off to friends and family that represents their dream home as best as possible. In addition, these models can also be used for better three-dimensional illustration, interior design, and even on-site lighting planning. And once the finished property is occupied, these models are sure to be an especially elegant keepsake for life and will certainly find a special place in a display case or on the mantelpiece.

Therefore, these models should qualitatively represent the best that is currently technically possible. This can only be achieved by using the best printers and materials currently available, a comprehensive know-how for production and a lot of high-precision handwork.

The cost of such models varies based on the dimensions of the property and the effort required to implement them (also in terms of the quality of the data provided).




A 3D industrial and product design production service to expand my packaging design service.

In order to expand the packaging design service, Alexander Dort - at that time still a freelance designer - decided a few years ago to also offer product and industrial design for packaging projects. Since we already won various awards in the fields of product and industrial design, this should only be a logical addition to our general range of services and it really is also enormous fun to exploit all the possibilities of today's production possibilities.

As you can see in the images above, we use 3D printing for design and prototyping of flacons, jars, bottles and trays in interaction with the packaging. All 3D prints have full functionality here and can be used as prototypes for industrial production.


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