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Webdesign, Marketing, Communication

Start-Up Sponsorship

For some years, the Alexander Dort GmbH has been using the opportunity to offer a selected project (regardless of the field of activity) pro bono, i.e. free of charge. The focus here is placed on founders or start-ups that, in his opinion, deserve such support due to their elan or their founding idea.

This year, the decision fell on a former fellow student of the eldest son of Alexander Dort, who, together with four co-founders, is developing and already marketing his own ECMS system (Enterprise Content Management System).

In the process, a corporate design was created and implemented in the form of a modern, fully animated, multilingual company website, among other things. As special features, in addition to various visualization features such as parallax effects and SVG animations, fully dynamic graph frameworks for generating animated statistics and diagrams in real time as well as REST interfaces for connecting to the CYVED ECMS were already integrated into the website.

The live website can be accessed here: www.cyved.com