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PrintCity Allianz

Branding & Packaging

Project duration:
6 Months


The cosmetic packaging

Unusual and highly refined cosmetic boxes for the mass market.

The design, each with two color and finishing options, demonstrates the possibilities of flexographic and screen printing.

Particularly in the combination of these two processes with hot stamping, high quality with very strong visual and tactile effects is possible.

The 3D-printed three-part prototypes of a cosmetic jar provide important insights into how the product as a whole works for the buyer, even at the early stages of this packaging project.


Real Life Samples - a holistic approach

The holistic approach - from shape and design, through finishing and production, to logistics and use by the end consumer - make this sample series real-life examples of the kind that could be on any shelf: genuine Real Life Samples.

They show the maximum of what is already possible today in the inline production of folding cartons and labels: food-safe, high-quality and still suitable for the mass market.


Shape, design and finishing: catching the eye at the POS

The first thing that catches the eye is the diamond shape of this packaging: a memorable shape with very high recognition value at the POS. This impression is reinforced by the reflections caused precisely by this shape: from all angles, the play of light changes and catches the eye of the customer in the usually cluttered shelves.

The choice of finishes is made to match the unusual shape, and the special feature is further enhanced by the finishes. This creates a strong visual effect that stands out from many other packages and invites customers to grab the product.

And here the story continues: the surface is not only an eye-catcher, but also offers the potential buyer a positive experience when touching it. Later, when unpacking, the brand experience is further enhanced with labels in the same design and feel, completed by a simple mechanism for opening and resealing.

Packaging that does not immediately end up in the wastebasket even after purchase.

This perfect interplay of shape, design and finishing are the success factor at the POS.

The implementation is exemplified by three selected market segments, each with several design and finishing variants - diverse, realistic and inspiring!


High-quality finishes: harmoniously coordinated with each other

The range of finishes used is broad. When selecting them, the focus is on the effect on the customer and the image of the product to be conveyed. It is also important to use the right materials that are technically coordinated and can be optimally processed in the production system.

This starts with the quality of the substrate - the basis for the entire production process and the perfect end product. Inks, coatings, pigments, films and tools are selected according to the same high quality standards.


Economical implementation: inline production

The fact that such noble packaging and labels are also economical is shown by the implementation with a highly flexible and economical inline production with various printing and finishing techniques.

All samples were produced in just one operation - from the roll to the die-cut and fully finished box and matching label. And it all starts with the clever selection and matching of finishes to the production system.

The logistics for the manufacturer are also surprisingly simple: despite their unusual shape, the boxes can be palletized flat after gluing, remain crush-resistant after filling, and are easily stackable.

The holistic approach results in exceptional, high-quality packaging and labels for the broad market.

The entire experience of the project - from design, to the materials used, to production - is summarized in a tutorial.


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