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Explainer video for the Weilburger service app

As many of our projects often take a long time to complete and detailed factors can lead to increased complexity, it is always somewhat difficult to explain the structure and implementation of the projects to interested parties in an understandable way.

For this reason, we have set ourselves the task of creating both a detailed tutorial and a corresponding explainer video for each of these projects. A major advantage of these videos is that the more complex work steps in individual cases can be defused by the somewhat simpler design and thus explained in a way that is easy to understand.

Once again, we had the opportunity to create one of these videos for our WEILBURGER Graphics Service App project.


The video for the app


Structure and implementation

Our explainer videos are characterized by the drawing style and the associated drawing hand. Images created during the course of the project are incorporated in selected areas. These are accompanied by text passages that refer to the respective image and explain it. In addition, a voice-over is used to acoustically accompany the viewer through the presentation. By using all means, we achieve an all-round optimized viewer experience. The interested party not only perceives the project visually through the images and text passages shown, but also acoustically through the integrated voice-over.

Using our service app as an example, we explain step by step how to use and operate the individual pages contained in the app.
Another feature that we like to use is the simultaneous integration of a specific magnifying glass, which is also held in the otherwise drawing hand, while a specific functionality of the app is explained in more detail. The magnifying glass points to the relevant section - e.g. a selection field - while this is simultaneously explained in more detail by the existing text and our integrated voice-over.

Finally, each of our videos undergoes in-depth analysis to optimize even the smallest video sequences, such as the drawing duration of an image or the insertion of voice-over at a specific point in time, to achieve the best possible viewing experience.

In conclusion, it can be said that every explainer video is unique, as all these processes have to be individually adapted for each video and each video is intended to explain a different topic and project. But that is precisely what makes this task so interesting for us time and time again, as we can freely develop our creativity.


You can find the official link to our explainer video for the service app on the WEILBURGER Graphics homepage here:




You can also find a detailed explanation of the entire service app project in our portfolio. Simply click on the following image:

Or use the following link:

To the service app portfolio page


The new service app is currently available in German and English, with more languages to follow shortly.

It is available free of charge in the following stores:


For iPhones, iPads, iPods in the Apple App Store at:


For Android phones and tablets in the Google Play Store at:

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