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Brand development & Packaging

Folding box and label for WEILBURGER Graphics as a special give-away

This is a folding box project for WEILBURGER Graphics that we designed for their 140th anniversary celebration. The box along with its contents, consisting of a labeled miniature box with tasteful contents, was distributed to the company's guests as part of the celebration.

Since this event took place in the middle of the brand new and world's most modern production plant for water-based coatings, which was also inaugurated during this event, we designed this box so that you could have a 360° view of the plant inside. The two-part folding box project was finished on the outside with a velvety SENOSOFT® WB matt varnish and a SENOSCREEN® UV screen-printed spot varnish. As a special gimmick, the inside of the slip lid was given a full-surface coloring with a SENOFLEX® yellow in the house color and a SENOLITH® protective coating. A SENOLITH® matt/gloss hybrid coating effect was used for the specially produced label.

The combination of these packaging demonstrators and the miniature container thus reflected the company perfectly. We think a better giveaway for this festive occasion can hardly be found.

To ensure that this packaging can still be used after the anniversary year, it was produced in two additional versions. Once as neutral packaging without the key visual, which we designed especially for the anniversary, and once as an additional Polish version, as the Polish subsidiary was to celebrate its twentieth anniversary the following year.

Of course, we were also responsible for the photography of the panoramic images used, the final product photography of the packaging as well as the event photography on location during the two-day event.