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Food Packaging

Together with WEILBURGER Graphics and the STI Group, we recently implemented an elaborate project on the use of new barrier coatings and flexo inks for more environmentally friendly food packaging.



Of course, we have once again created a whiteboard video for this project, through which we would like to present the background and solutions of this project in more detail.



In addition, we have programmed various web apps for the two boxes, each in two languages (German, English), where all information about the project can be found. The coating calculator we created for WEILBURGER Graphics can also be used there again.



To use the web apps, simply scan the QR code on the back of a box of your choice, as shown in the image above. You will then be redirected to the correct app on your smartphone, depending on your selection.


In case the boxes are not available to you, there is of course also the possibility to use the app in the usual way. Just follow one of the following links of your choice.


You can find the page with all the information about the Sweet Box here...

To the Sweet Box


... and the page with all the information about the Lion Box here:

To the Lion Box


Finally, we wrote the press releases in German and English and published them as WEILBURGER Graphics Newsletter, sent them to press portals and editorial offices and published them in social networks.

You can find the press release here: