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TroFilms GmbH

Full Service Design, Marketing, Communication

Project duration:
Since 2018


Full service for TroFilms GmbH

Since 2018, we have also taken over TroFilms GmbH with our full-service offering.

Here, too, we are responsible for the complete external communication of the company and take on all tasks from the areas of corporate design, web design, server administration, product design, brand design, film sample design, video and photo production, event photography, CGI, marketing and social networking, press communication, authoring, technical documentation, creation of technical data sheets, presentations and keynotes, trade fair construction and much more.

Just everything an internationally operating company needs for its professional appearance and long-term and sustainable success.

Here you can find the website:

And here you can find our costs and spectrum:

How our full-service offering works is quite simple to explain: Our clients book us on a long-term monthly basis, usually based on our AD flat rate, and in return receive all-round, worry-free, full-service support from a single source. On the one hand, this saves time, as we can work most effectively this way, and on the other hand, it saves costs, as our customers can usually do without their own departments for marketing, PR, design, advertising, social networking and much more. In return, they then book a manageable fixed monthly price for all the necessary work. Unnecessary and time-consuming tendering phases are eliminated and the working time required for this can be used highly efficiently for their communications work.