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Graphic Design, Packaging, 3D visualization

Key Visual and Packaging Design for DSM, WEILBURGER and COMEXI

For the Tactile Event 2020 of DSM, WEILBURGER and COMEXI we did the key visual, the design concept and the flexible packaging design for the live produced pouches. As this event could not take place live on location in Spain as planned due to Corona, it was converted into an online event which received a great reception worldwide.

All design elements - the key visuals as well as the packaging design - were laid out in 3D as computer graphics. The octopus, the typo and even the cookies were rendered by us as high resolution CGI's and had not been photographed.



  • Development and creation of a themefor the 2020 main event of DSM, COMEXI and WEILBURGER Graphics concerning new tactile effect coatings
  • Building a key visual for that event
  • Creation of possible e-Mail campaigns and demo packaging concepts



  • The global packaging market is rather scaptical about new products due to the global climate debate
  • In particular, the pollution of the world's oceans through waste, plastic and microplastics must be taken into account
  • New products must therefore be environmentally friendly, and this must be clearly stated in the marketing
  • Ideally, a theme or image carrier should be chosen for this event around new, tactile surfaces, which on the one hand confirms environmental friendliness and on the other hand can illustrate the theme of tactile perception
  • Since DSM already successfully works with 3D rendered figures to market its own skin products, a continuation of this line is a good way to establish an image carrier in a playful way
  • Question: Which creature lives in the sea, has a positive reputation, is cute and is ideally associated with qualities such as touching and feeling?


The Answer:


The e-mail invitation:

Possible wording:

  • You ain't enough fingers...
  • Bring all your fingers...
  • Touch and feel the future of packaging...
  • ...


The demo packaging

Since the switch to the online event meant that much of the content had to be made available as video material, we also produced the promo video for WEILBURGER Graphics, which was thematically linked to the event.

And as a little gimmick, we also produced a USDZ version of the final packaging and a simple AR app to show the bag design in an interactive way.

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