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PrintCity Allianz

Brand development & Packaging

Project duration:
6 Months


A system solution for cereals

A system solution for cereals is used to illustrate all aspects of food packaging. For this purpose, a separate MÜESLOVE brand was created with a virtual product range.

The individual packaging components of this project are then produced in different production environments and under real production conditions. Both conventional workflows with offline processing and modern inline production are used. Furthermore, low-migration production will be carried out both conventionally on a water base and with UV-curing inks and coatings.

A special packaging variant with a glued inner pouch is used for the UV solution and for highly fatty foods. This addresses all participants in the value chain equally: Brand owners, agencies & designers, printers and converters.


Food-safe & secure

The focus is on food-safety and protective mechanisms in accordance with strict European food regulations. This ranges from the choice of the right substrates and materials to the appropriate barriers and other mechanisms to ensure freshness and protection of the ingredients and therefore the consumers.


Lifestyle & current trends

The whole thing is embedded in a lifestyle concept that serves many current trends in society: individuality, luxury & comfort paired with conscious nutrition.

The idea: The customer mixes his muesli individually and freshly every day directly at the breakfast table. For this purpose, a variety of individually packaged ingredients are offered in suitable quantities.

The packaging has an elegant design, implemented with subtle finishes and strong visual and haptic effects. The multi-sensory appeal is an eye-catcher at the POS and a beautiful accessory at home.

The presentation and stocking at the customer is done in an elegant tray, of which individual and personalized variants are also offered.


Easy handling

Another important aspect is practical handling.

A perforation ensures easy opening of the integrated hinge-lid, which can be easily closed again with a click mechanism. The extensive absence of an inner bag makes it easier to pour out the ingredients.

A trickle guard inside the packaging ensures a clean table.

The result is a product that customers will be happy to put on their breakfast table.


Brand presence & Brand building

  • The long life of the packaging thus created with the customer serves to create a strong brand presence.
  • Often, mueslis are transferred to anonymous  plastic containers for storage.
  • Small portions of individual ingredients and the comprehensive lifestyle concept lead to direct use of the original packaging.
  • This means a long brand presence for the manufacturer and thus strong branding.
  • The customizable trays mentioned above increase customer loyalty.
  • So do the possibilities for customer communication. The QR code can be used to call up preparation suggestions and background information on the ingredients used.
  • In a store, the customer can order personalized and even self-designed trays.


Production & Economy

  • Finally, efficient production ensures cost-effective implementation.
  • Of course, cost-effectiveness starts with packaging development: both shape and finishes are coordinated hand in hand with suppliers.
  • A clever choice of finishing techniques and materials minimizes machine runs while maximizing visual and tactile impact.
  • A professional workflow in which processes are closely interlocked, combined with rapid prototyping, reduce errors and shorten lead times.
  • This makes this very classy and individual product offering suitable for the mass market.


Information and discussion along the value chain

This project is designed to drive collaboration along the value chain from brand owner to production.

Particularly against the background of increasingly stringent legal regulations, it is important to demonstrate what is possible and permitted.



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