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TroFilms GmbH

UI/UX, App Design, CGI

Native App Development for TroFilms GmbH

This app is intended to simplify the order-related selection of suitable films from the extensive overall program of TroFilms GmbH, the order-related calculation of the films and the communication with the company in case of inquiries and service requests for customers, interested parties and the company's worldwide sales partners.

The app is designed so that a film finder can be used to search for suitable films based on their technical properties and characteristics. It also includes a comprehensive product catalog containing all films with their technical data and processing parameters. The corresponding data sheets are also available for download here.

The central heart of the app is a powerful product calculator that allows users to easily calculate all order-relevant parameters. These results can then be expanded on request to include additional job-relevant information on the printing processes used and the planned finishing steps for technical support. Thus, if desired, the app guides the user from the foil search through technical background information on the selected foil and the calculation process of all relevant parameters to the process-optimized quotation or support request to the company.

We have developed this app in such a way that it complies with all GDPR requirements and does not collect or use any personal data without the user explicitly requesting this - e.g. in the case of an inquiry or contact. For example, personal data, such as the user's address data, is stored for reuse in order to improve the user experience. However, this storage process takes place exclusively locally on the user's end device and not in a cloud. In the design of the contact interface, we have also deliberately refrained from automatically sending requests in order to protect the user, and work with pre-filled emails that are opened in the app user's default mail client, where they can be checked or modified by the user before being sent. This gives the TroFilms app user full control over all of their data without compromising the ease of use and handling of the app, even with frequent requests.

The brand new TroFilms app is multilingual (German/English) and available now for free in the following stores:

For iPhones, iPads, iPods in the Apple App Store at:

For Android phones and tablets in the Google Play Store at: