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Corrugated sales packaging with patched window and model car

3D view of corrugated sales packaging on F-flute with patched window and photorealistic model car

This example of sample packaging shows that there are virtually no limits to our photorealistic 3D models. Even extremely elaborate 3D models, such as this example of a model car on a scale of 1:24, together with the packaging we designed and the transparent window including refraction, iridescence, Fresnel effects and variable translucency, can be reproduced with our 3D models. And thanks to our intelligent workflow, we were able to compress the entire high-resolution, interactive 3D model, including the relistic model car and its packaging, to just 21 MB. This means short loading times and makes our models available on almost all end devices.

When it comes to these extremely sales-promoting 3D models and especially where highly refined packaging and print samples with realistic representation of all effects and finishes are required, we are already one of the global market leaders.


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