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PrintCity Allianz

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging


The Value Added Packaging Initiative

This project was one of our most ingenious. For PrintCity, we developed a high-quality folder with 25 different print samples. Each with different effects to show and explain the fantastic possibilities of Value Added Packaging.

Based on 5 different basic designs for three different markets (tobacco, food and cosmetics) we designed 5 different versions to show the effects. The most difficult work was the highly complex production management, for which we were also responsible. Here we had to find the best solution to reduce the number of print jobs to a minimum. Due to the fact that we were producing on 5 different substrates, in water-based and UV, and some jobs also food grade, we had to work on a multi-dimensional matrix here to find the best solution. In the end, we managed to produce the entire project with only 9 printed sheets, including the labels and the folder, but with a much higher complexity for each job.

The effects we used included: cold foil, hot foil stamping, a wide range of coating and varnish effects, various Iriodin pigments, embossing, debossing, lamination, combinations of offset printing, flexo printing and screen printing on coated and uncoated substrates.

Since the whole project was not only to show all the possibilities but also to educate the industry on how to reproduce everything, we also printed the machine configurations, processes and materials used on the back of each print job AND I also wrote highly complex instructions for each job for designers, production managers and printers describing everything.

We rolled the whole project out for drupa 2012, and since then we've been educating the industry along with other packaging-related topics at roadshows and forums like the annual Packaging Inspiration Forum in Germany.

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