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Concept, art direction, UI/UX, app design, 3D design, 3D animation, panorama photography, VR development, programming, video production, audio design

Virtual Reality App

This is just a tiny sneak peek of the Weilburger VR app we are currently developing, and yes, we also know that VR is currently still a pure playground and it will take time before this technology is available to the masses.

But of course we want to be involved in this field from the very beginning and explore the already fantastic possibilities of the VR world.
I'm sure you can't imagine how breathtaking this already is with VR glasses in 3D!

And let's be honest: When do you ever have the opportunity to create complete worlds, to expand an entire company logo into what will later become a fully equipped showroom for your own packaging projects, and to send customers on an immersive journey around your own company and let them explore this world!

We will of course be very happy to keep you up to date on how this app development is progressing, which projects and features we will still be implementing and when you will then be able to try out and explore this VR app for yourself!