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PrintCity Allianz

Branding, industrial design, packaging

Virtual brand design for sustainable premium packaging in electronics

A brand new packaging design project for PrintCity

  • Virtual corporate design concept
  • Virtual brand design concept
  • Packaging design blister packaging
  • Production Management
  • Industrial product design
  • Prototype 3D Printing
  • Documentation (photos, videos, tutorials)


The folding carton


The brand concept - First presentation


  • Development and creation of a virtual / fictitious but realizable trademark [without infringing existing global trademarks -> database search].
  • Creation of a design concept for this brand
  • Creation of possible sustainable products in the small electronics / smart devices / gadgets [high quality / luxury] market segments.
  • Creation of the packaging concepts together with MetsäBoard Europe


1. The brand

After much pondering and research, we believe we have found the best result for our planned holistic project. This brand reflects both current market trends and our goals to build this project around a self-explanatory brand and image.

The message of this brand name works both ways: as a fictitious lifestyle brand for sustainable products as well as a flagship for our sustainable packaging concepts and solutions.


The idea behind it - what is Better Human

Better Human is a brand that produces high quality products on a sustainable basis.

All products are made from sustainable and recyclable ingredients, such as wood from sustainable agriculture (No tropical woods), spit starch, seaweed etc.

To highlight the sustainability of these products, Better Human uses only sustainable and highly recyclable materials and concepts.


The target audience

Better Human's target audience includes all ages and genders.

Better Human customers are characterized by earning enough money to spend more of it on electronic devices that sustainably protect the planet.

Being a Better Human customer then becomes a statement and the brand has a great opportunity to become successful as a Veblen brand.


2. The products

Better Human - products and their names

The products of better human are characterized by the fact that they represent the brand in a very independent, memorable and recognizable way, also through the product names and concepts.

All product names are based on the Better Human corporate design colors and a very unique spelling that leaves room for interpretation and wordplay.

Eco-friendly wireless earphones based on energy-saving Greentooth wireless technology with dark brown colored pine wood housing and charging tray and vulcanized green colored corn starch foam.


Same concept as ear[th]buds, but with eco-friendly cable (cable sheathing made of eco-friendly plastic).


Environmentally friendly USB-C / Thunderbolt 3.0 cable. (Cable jacket is made of environmentally friendly plastic).


Smart chest strap fitness tracker with a dyed pine wood case and natural rubber elastic strap.

Smart fitness tracker wrist watch with colored pine wood case and PLA strap*.

*Polylactic acid or polyactide (PLA) is a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, cassava roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane.


Portable security alarm generator with a body made of colored pine wood and a wristband made of PLA.


3. Examples

Starting from the idea of ear[th|buds, we developed a product design study, rendered some images and created an ad to visualize the potential of this virtual brand.


What comes next?

Production at Model Kramp GmbH in Hanau, Germany


As always, we took all the photos and videos for documentation and also wrote a complex tutorial describing each step of production from design to final processing.

Promotional folder

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