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United Transfer Technologies BV

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Full-Service for United Transfer Technologies BV


As already presented in the product portfolio, we took over the full service of Univacco Holland BV in November 2021. At that time, the company's entire external image was completely revamped. Corporate design and corporate image, company slogan, marketing, image videos, product photos, product data sheets, company website and many other aspects were completely redesigned by us and adapted to the latest design and technology. The detailed and complete journey of the project, including further project images, can be read and viewed here.

Over the last few years, the group of companies around Univacco Holland BV has developed in many areas and established itself as a very successful technology provider for almost all areas of the hot and cold transfer business at its site in Waalwijk. In addition to its core business of transfer products for the graphic arts industry, the group of companies also offers very successful specialty machines for cutting, winding and processing film and paper rolls as well as for finishing printed products. Following the acquisition of Newfoil Machines Ltd. in the UK this year, which is now manufactured, offered and sold under the Starfoil Technology Netherlands BV brand, the company is now one of the global market leaders for roll-to-roll finishing systems. However, the group has also developed into a leading supplier in Europe in the market for transfer products for the plastics industry and for car license plates. The new company building in Waalwijk is now home to a total of five companies and brands in the large cold and hot transfer market for various industries.

Since the entire product range of all companies in the group could no longer be comprehensibly conveyed with the current company name Univacco Holland BV, the decision was made at the end of 2022, in consultation with the Taiwanese management of Univacco Technology Inc. to change the company name again. Of course, we were also happy to assist the group of companies with this extensive and far-reaching plan with our expertise, experience and working power. After extensive research, brainstorming and competitive analysis, the optimal new company name was found within a few months and could be transferred into a comprehensive corporate identity and corporate design that was optimally aligned with the overall structure of all the companies involved.

Since August 14, 2023, the company has been operating under the new company name United Transfer Technologies BV.

With the change of the company name, all marketing and design components of the company had to be restructured again. The challenge this time, however, was not only to integrate all the companies in the group into the new design and marketing concept, but also to design the concept in such a way that the companies could still be clearly distinguished from one another visually.

Our keynote for the launch of the new corporate design and marketing concept

In June 2023, we produced a self-explanatory keynote to clearly present the full scope of our new corporate design, corporate identity and marketing concept for the United Transfer Technologies BV group of companies. This keynote also perfectly conveys our comprehensive and far-sighted way of working and shows that we leave nothing to chance in our work and pay attention to even the smallest details.

Here is an excerpt from this keynote:

Corporate design and logo development

In cooperation with the management of United Transfer Technologies BV and all affiliated companies and brands, we developed the following directives for the implementation of the new design concept within several months:

  1. End consumers and packaging professionals have a clear picture in mind when it comes to hot stamping and cold transfer decoration: metallized relief print finishing, usually with beautiful facets in texts and surfaces.
  2. However, printing and packaging professionals - and therefore the company's main target group - have another image in mind when it comes to hot stamping: a two-part embossing tool with a die and a male and female part (male and female components of high-quality embossing dies).

Based on this, and in order to achieve the greatest possible association with the core business of United Transfer Technologies BV and a maximum recognition effect, we defined it as more than sensible to start with precisely these two images when creating the new corporate design. The question of why we started with these two visuals is easy to answer: A good company logo must establish a real and comprehensible association with the company in order to be memorable and representative. This can only be achieved through an intelligent combination of graphic and text elements based on psychological analyses of the target group and the company's core products.


The new logo of United Transfer Technologies BV

From the previously explained findings, we finally created the new logo and corporate design of United Transfer Technologies BV.

The entire logo is not only made up of the faceted relief embossed initials U and T of United Transfer, but also symbolizes an embossing tool with a die and a male die as an additional visualization and subconscious interpretation of the logo. The U takes on the feminine part (die) and the T the masculine (patrix).

True to the associative color of Holland, a rich orange was used for the subjective visualization of the company location. In order to get as close as possible to the product range (metallization) and clearly address the main sales business, a neutral silver was then chosen as a contrast to the orange, which symbolizes the usual base color of the various hot and cold transfer products and is ideal for finishing in the later implementation. A deep black was added as a further contrasting color - primarily for text design and color balance.

But how were the other companies in the Group integrated?


The amorphous design concept

To answer this question, we first need to go on a little digression and explain what exactly an amorphous design concept is.

In the past, companies usually had a single logo which, together with the text and color scheme, always looked the same. However, due to the flood of media channels, end devices, print and screen sizes, modern companies no longer work with just one version of their logo, but develop many individual representations of the corporate identity as part of the corporate design for each specific application. In order to realize this and still ensure maximum recognition value, an amorphous corporate design concept naturally requires an extremely striking, memorable basic design. Only then can the viewer consciously and subconsciously perceive flowing variations of the basic design as a complex unit.

Based on this, we created the different versions of the basic logos shown above. But the design concept we developed goes much further. Within this amorphous design concept, we are also able to change the color scheme without losing the look and recognition thanks to the extremely strong brand and visual presence. This gives us enormous scope to extend the new corporate design to the other companies, create a clear and logical color code and even translate the important theme of "environment and recycling" into a stand-alone color scheme.

Here we transposed the previously used spectral colors of the Univacco Holland logo into the individual brands and subject areas of the group of companies. Through this evolution of the former rainbow, we succeeded in creating an independent and intuitively comprehensible, clearly recognizable color world for customers and visitors, as well as making navigation through the many topics of United Transfer Technologies BV and all affiliated companies much easier. At the same time, we also use this sophisticated brand language to convey the size of the group of companies and the various focal points.

By applying this concept, the following logos were ultimately created for the various companies and subject areas:

The green version for the environment, recycling and sustainability:

The red variant for the integration of Starfoil Technology Netherlands BV:

The blue variant for the integration of Newfoil Machines:

However, the original logos of the respective companies naturally remain untouched. This integration is exclusively concerned with the presentation of the companies in the corporate communications of United Transfer Technologies BV and the United Transfer Business Group, which was developed in parallel.

After the concept was presented to all decision-makers and employees of the company and approved with great approval from all those involved, we drew up a comprehensive project plan and started the transformation process of all communication tools required for implementation. Ultimately, we prepared everything up to the integration of the new brand identity into the in-house ERP and CRM systems, the acquisition of the top-level domains that we had previously researched as free or available for purchase, the adaptation of the mail server and signatures, the brand registrations and all corporate identity-relevant target media and delegated everything to internal employees and external service providers.


The new website of United Transfer Technologies BV

Due to the development of the new design concept, the website we developed in 2021 and all the corporate videos we created for it naturally also had to be revised again and moved to the newly acquired TLD We adapted all existing theme and product pages to the new design, created technical data sheets based on the new design and added further new pages for the companies and brands belonging to the group, Starfoil Technology Netherlands BV and Newfoil Machines. The highlight of this revision, however, is the implementation of the respective color codes of the newly developed theme world in an intuitive website navigation. This integration now clearly communicates to the user on each subpage which company, which brand and which subject area is currently in focus.

The new brand image was welcomed by all customers and business partners as an absolute enrichment and can therefore be considered a complete success.

Since the realization of the new brand identity, we have of course continued to be responsible for all designs and marketing work for all companies in this network, maintain the respective social accounts, continue the press and public relations work and maintain all communication channels up to newsletter and e-mail marketing campaigns. We have also implemented our own integrated marketing tool for this purpose and tailored it exclusively and in compliance with the GDPR for all companies in the network. We are now also responsible for the additional websites of all companies and brands in the group, which are being successively revised, updated and adapted to the new overall concept.


You can find the new website of United Transfer Technologies BV here:

And here you can find the social media accounts of United Transfer Technologies BV, which we also manage:



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