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Univacco Holland BV

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Full-service for Univacco Holland BV

Since November 2021 we are working as a full-service agency for Univacco Holland BV. This collaboration came about after Alexander Dort stumbled across a post on LinkedIn about the company's new headquarters in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. A beautiful new building of the most modern architecture with trend-setting equipment and a well conceived concept. We were thrilled when we saw the pictures and of course we congratulated Alexanders colleague Miro Ivsan, who is still known from manroland days and whom he always hold in high esteem, and he also published the post, on the new building. What we saw next, however, was frankly a bit shocking. Naturally, after this post, we wanted to find out more about the company, which we thought we had known for years and Alexander knew that Miro had been a well-known and popular figure there for ages, and so we visited the company website. First via smartphone, then via desktop, as we couldn't believe our eyes and only saw mostly chopped up error pages of the worst quality. The shock, however, remained even on the desktop and it took our breath away: How was it possible that a company that had been established for many years, which was apparently able to realise such a building, used a website as bad as this to present itself to the outside world? Of course, we couldn't resist giving Miro our honest and serious feedback via LinkedIn, and he called us back just a few minutes later. In short: they had been "aware of this problem for some time" and were probably "looking for a suitable provider for the complete overhaul of all the marketing, design and communication gaps of the past years". Ideally, this provider should also have an understanding of the printing and packaging industry and be able to offer more than just web design. It quickly became clear that we, with our strong entrepreneurial background, were the ideal candidate, and after we offered to help with what we saw as an unavoidable relaunch of all corporate design and marketing activities, we quickly agreed on an initial consultation on site. The rest is now history.

Since November 2021, we have relaunched the entire external corporate image, starting with the change of the company name, which we felt was necessary for marketing reasons, from the former Univacco Foils Holland BV to Univacco Holland BV. We deliberately started from scratch and first questioned everything we found. We redefined and expanded corporate design and corporate image, developed and integrated a powerful company slogan, relaunched marketing in all its facets, redesigned the entire business stationery including all design templates and integrated them into the CRM and ERP systems, redesigned employee signatures, redesigned and relaunched all printed matter, realised promotions and Christmas cards based on our newly defined marketing goals, rewrote, edited and translated all texts, shot, edited and published various corporate videos on location, all product photos were newly taken and some existing ones were retouched and revised, customer letters were redesigned, translated and prepared for personalised dispatch, product data sheets were created in a new and automated way, and - last but not least - of course the company website was completely relaunched with all content in a modern way, based on the latest technology, naturally responsive and GDPR-compliant, including a conform newsletter engine. In addition, after optimising and extending the social accounts, we also launched the social marketing campaigns and have since been maintaining and managing all of the company's accounts with measurably dramatically positive success.

The fact that we were able to complete almost all the tasks in the corporate design, marketing and website relaunch within only five months after the start of the cooperation and that the company is now positioned in a completely new and competitive way in its entire communication work is mainly due to the fact that we were given almost free rein by the client in all areas on the basis of our expertise in the printing and packaging industry and ultimately only had to request final approvals after internal reviews. This is how we prefer to work and how we can best play the keys of our keyboard that are necessary for such a fresh start. Always in the interest of our client and always with a focus on professionalism, sustainable success and continuous growth.

Exemplary works

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Social Networking und Social Marketing:


The fact that friendship and mutual respect have already emerged from this cooperation is then also an important quintessence for further long-term cooperation. And the fact that all this arose from a simple LinkedIn post is a special example for us that such networks can indeed work and bear fruit.

Finally, the shock we received when we visited the company's website at the time is unfortunately not uncommon in the print, packaging and media industry. Especially among suppliers in this industry sector, professional websites and competitive marketing are sadly still very rare. The companies, when asked about it, usually respond with reasonably positive sales figures and astonishingly low costs for marketing and design. However, they forget where they could be today with their figures if they had sought professional help years ago and how expensive these costs are as a result of supposed savings potential when one adds the orders lost through this.

Or to put it in a nutshell in the words of a former and much quoted US oil tycoon, industrialist, patron of the arts and billionaire:

„If I hadn't spent so much money on advertising, I'd be a millionaire today.“

Jean Paul Getty

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