Two toy biplanes for manroland sheetfed

For Drupa 2008 we have designed two high detailed toy biplane kits in two different formats (0B and 3B) and colours.

Normally this job was only the development and design for the two airplanes but to bring it on a higher and more realistic level I've decided to design also a cover page for the packaging (as photo realistic 3D computer illustration) and to make the build up process  easier for everyone to include also a an exploded view of the biplanes (also as 3D computer illustration).

These jobs were produced in 4/0 colour with full coverage coating and inline rotative cutting tools on Roland 500 and Roland 700.

The result was really breathtaking and therefore all samples were rapidly sold out at Drupa.



manroland sheetfed GmbH

Art Direction, Toy Design