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UI/UX, App Design, Programming

The WEILBURGER Graphics service app

Once again we had the pleasure to develop another app for our customer WEILBURGER Graphics. The goal of this app is to support and improve the communication between customer support and customer, without losing the appreciated service quality. To implement this, the main focus of the app lies in order-related quantity calculations of various WEILBURGER products via a product quantity calculator, as well as the optimization of communication for inquiries and service requests.

With the roll-out of WEILBURGER Graphics' new product numbering system, which was introduced at the beginning of 2023, the first step was to look for a way to offer customers the most efficient solution possible to convert the old product numbers they had been using into new product numbers. With the help of a new product number converter that has been integrated into the service app, there is now the option to convert old product numbers into the new numbers that are now valid. In this process, not only the output of the new product number takes place, but also a complete conversion of the product with all associated information, such as the specification of the assigned product class or even the full product name. Due to this new functionality, we have decided to include the converted product in the new product quantity calculator. This means that there is no longer exclusively a general quantity calculation, but very targeted inquiries for specific products can be calculated and generated.

To implement the calculator, familiar functionalities of the coating calculator already introduced a few years ago were then integrated into the new app and extended to include additional areas of application. In addition to the required coating quantity per print job, users now also have the option of calculating pigment and print varnish quantities. Depending on the application process, only the job-specific parameters need to be entered in the predefined fields. When implementing the new pigment functions, we then went as far as to completely categorize all pigments together with the technical support of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, so that suitable anilox rollers can already be assigned automatically. This has the advantage that the customer can already be warned after selecting his pigment and his desired anilox roll if the anilox roll size does not match the selected pigment. This simplifies the planning process immensely, as the question of the suitable anilox roller for pigment coatings was previously one of the frequent queries to WEILBURGER's technical support.

To optimize communication, an already prepared form is used, in which only the required contact data has to be entered. With a final simple click on a button, all calculated data is summarized in a fully automated, already prepared mail. The local and personal contact person for technical service & support is then determined automatically on the basis of the customer's contact data and assigned to the mail as a recipient, so that customers can get in direct contact with him or her without much effort. The app thus also acts as a direct and smart interface between the worldwide customers and employees of WEILBURGER Graphics. Of course, there is also the option of being able to examine and edit all the information before it is sent. In implementing this, great importance was attached to optimized usability throughout. If, for example, orders have been calculated for a coating and a pigment, but the customer only requires further information on the coating at the time of the inquiry, he can deselect the pigment by simply clicking on a selection field that is displayed before the mail is generated. The generated mail then adapts to the user's new information without any further effort, so that only the data for the coating is included in the mail. Furthermore, care was taken to avoid redundancies. Thus, the concept of the app was designed in such a way that it is only necessary to enter all data once. When the app is reopened on the user's device, the values entered are already pre-filled in the fields provided.

This brings us to another important factor that we place great emphasis on during the development of our apps. The apps must comply with all requirements of the GDPR at all times and not collect or use personal data in any way without this being explicitly requested by the user himself, for example in the case of contact. All data that is already entered in the fields provided for better usability when the app is reopened is located exclusively locally on the user's end device and thus not in any cloud and is not transferred to external servers. Even after the mail has been generated, care was taken to ensure that the customer can send it himself with a final click and that it is not automatically forwarded to Weilburger. In addition, this has the advantage that the company's customers can also manage and archive all correspondence from the app in their individually used mail clients, ERP and CRM systems by sending standard mail.

In addition to the new areas of application already described, the new service app also offers a great deal of additional information, such as an overview of the entire WEILBURGER Graphics product catalog, or a product finder that makes it child's play to determine the desired product class, and much more.

Last but not least, we have of course written and published press releases as well as social networking and marketing publications on the new service app. Another explanatory video for the service app is also currently in the works and will follow shortly.


The press release is available at the following link:


The new service app is currently available in German and English, with other languages to follow shortly.

It is available for free in the following stores:


For iPhones, iPads, iPods in the Apple App Store at:


For Android phones and tablets in the Google Play Store at:

Furthermore, it is available as a web app at:

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