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WEILBURGER Graphics - Sachet production

In order to demonstrate the application possibilities of new effect varnishes developed by WEILBURGER Graphics, a complex project was implemented in cooperation with Weilburger, Permapack and CCL to design a sample series of four different demo packaging and labels.

The final sample series includes a sachet with a tactile matt-gloss effect, as well as paper-based tubes with a tactile surface to implement the demo packaging and an SA wine label with a sand structure and an SA wine label with a relief varnish effect to implement the labels.


The sachet with tactile matt-gloss effect

First of all, the matt varnish mentioned above, which was the main focus of this project. This is the newly developed SENOSOFT® WB UV MATT COATING UV 6-22/006 A from WEILBURGER Graphics. A coating innovation that combines the advantages of water-based coatings with the benefits of UV coatings. It is processed in the same way as commercial water-based coatings, but the actual drying process is greatly accelerated by special photoinitiators, which contributes to higher production capacities and greater process stability. For successful drying and curing, the coating requires hot air and UV radiation in succession.

The goal of the sachet project was to demonstrate the possible applications of the new coating in combination with the SENOWEB® UV GLOSS COATING FP 360878. Printing was carried out at Permapack on a 10-color Gallus RCS 10, 330mm on Gualapack Sterifoil PET 12μm/ALU 12μm/PE 75μm. The demo project was thematically positioned in the cosmetics industry.



Based on a previously supplied die-cut contour and technical specification, we first designed a background to match the theme. We used graphic implementations of different plant leaves, which were designed in color harmonies of bright and friendly colors of the green color spectrum. In order to explain the choice of the leaf motif, we must first explain a digression on the brand used in the sample series.

We decided to use a fictitious umbrella brand so that the demo packaging and labels could be communicated as a cohesive unit. The name TERRET was chosen as the name of this brand. Naturally, we carried out an extensive trademark search beforehand. TERRET is a well-known, typical and historically evolved type of wine that is no longer widely used today. In order to be able to use this brand name, which actually refers to the winery, in cosmetics, we took advantage of a brand trend that has been established by winegrowers over the last few decades: the profitable marketing of residual materials from winegrowing and wine pressing in the form of additional products such as cosmetics. By slightly modifying the fictitious TERRET WINE logo to TERRET GARDEN, an equally fictitious family brand is created in the cosmetics sector. The choice of leaves thus symbolizes the successful implementation of the sustainability of the product within the sachet.


Landing page

Of course, we have also programmed landing pages for the various packaging and labels this time. These are available in German and English and contain all the information about the respective projects.

To use the landing page of the sachet with tactile matt-gloss effect, a QR code was generated again, as already known from previous projects, which you can find on the back of the sachet packaging. Simply scan it with your smartphone and you will be redirected to the correct page on your smartphone.

If the packaging is not available, it is of course possible to access the pages in the conventional way. Simply follow the following link.


The landing page with all the information about the sachet with tactile matt-gloss effect can be found here:

To the sachet overview


In order to contribute to a better understanding of our selected projects, or to be able to reproduce them in a modified form if necessary, we have prepared detailed explanatory tutorials for each of them. These contain various requirements, as well as other important information - such as the WEILBURGER Graphics varnishes used, or the print layout used - for each project.


You can find the tutorial for sachet production via the following link:



Finally, we published articles on the progress of the project on the respective WEILBURGER Graphics social media channels.


You can find WEILBURGER Graphics' social media channels here:

To the LinkedIn channel
To the Facebook channel
To the Twitter channel

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